Meet Oto

Meet Oto

The criteria for the project was to create a character with specific features which could be utilized as both a marketing and learning tool. The medium of a toy was chosen as receiving a toy in the post is simply the best thing ever, creating something tactile could be used to effectively communicate how to use the clients medical products and appealed to both adults and children.

Client: Cook Medical

Date: April 2016

Project details: Character design, illustration, toy design, logo design, card making


Sketching and brainstorm session

After an initial meeting with the client, Oto first came into being during a sketching session. These sketches were then presented to the client in a follow up meeting.



Meet the Chosen Ones!

Different elements of the above illustrations were chosen, or as I like to refer to them the ‘Chosen Ones’. These elements fused together to formulate the final illustration.


Full colour Oto illustration

Once the character design was decided upon, I recreated the character in full colour in Illustrator and utilised brand colours to remain on brand.

I laid out the illustration as a front and back render to clearly communicate to the toy makers what was required on the front and back of the toy. The colour palette was included in the file to assist in the matching of materials and fabrics.



There is simply no better feeling than seeing something you have created come to life. When I opened the package containing Oto, I reverted to being a child once again and wanted nothing more but to spend the day playing with him.

Little Bobabies, a company based in South Africa did such a fantastic job in bringing my toy design to life. Their toy creations bring such joy to the recipients.They were very responsive and the quality of the toy was impeccable. Please see the below link to be transported to their fantastic site


Character design integrated with pre-existing logo


In addition to the toy design, I also incorporated the character design into a pre-existing logo for an upcoming event. The logo featured on event marketing material such as flyers, posters, and t-shirts.





Last but not least, I created handmade cards with a digital print finish of the character as a main feature.


Feel free to get in touch if you would like a customisable character design to use across your brand platforms : )