Category: Fab Lab

Varnishing 101: For Newbies

So, I recently created some laser cuts and was tasked with the job of varnishing them. It was safe to say that I knew nothing about varnishing or the process involved but luckily my colleague Jane Wolff was somewhat of a varnishing /powertool ninja! She not only talked me through the process but provided me with all the tools and…

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How to create luggage tags using lasers!

I was recently approached by my colleague - Jane with a request to produce custom luggage tags with a quick turnaround time.┬áMy immediate response was "Let's do it!". Despite the fact I had never designed luggage tags before or what was involved! A few years ago my response to such a question would have been very very different indeed. I…

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A space for makers: Character coasters

A couple of months ago, I happily stumbled across the Fab Lab on Rutland street in Limerick. I was familiar with the term FabLab - a small-scale workshop offering personal digital fabrication, but having recently moved to Limerick did not realize there was one in city. I went to an open evening to see the set up and what computer…

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