I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while now. But over thinking what to write and where to begin paralyzed any actionable steps. So I decided today to take action and here is my first blog post detailing my first attempt at a comic strip – The adventures of Peanut and Butternutsquash!


Meet Peanut and Butternutsquash!


Peanut and Butternutsquash have lived in my head in comic form for quite a while now, and when I saw the most recent showcase on Doodlers Anonymous (please see link below) – an open call to create your own 4-panel comic strip I decided they should be unleashed into the world!


The deadline for this showcase is the 18th of April. If you have not come across Doodlers Anonymous before I highly recommend you check it out! It was founded in 2008 by OKAT and displays the work of many talented artist that will make you a wee bit jelly as well as encourage you to up your game : )


The Adventures of Peanut and Butternut squash Doodlers Anonymous Queenlardcake Behind the Scenes 01

Behind the scenes – The adventures of Peanut and Butternutsquash



Behind the scenes: The adventures of Peanut and Butternutsquash (including evidence much of the drawing was fueled by coffee)


Previously, when entering competitions my goal was to win. If I didn’t win I viewed it as a sign of failure or a sign that I simply was not good enough. This chant of unworthiness and overall attitude was counterproductive and led to zero productivity in the aftermath of the competition. It has taken me a long time to see that in order to avoid this I need to readjust my perspective as to what is truly valuable.

Now when I enter competitions, instead of viewing winning or losing as the primary focus, I look at what I can learn by undertaking this challenge and if it will push me out of my comfort zone…Although if I did win that be pretty awesome!

That is not to say that I do not try to win of course. However,this shift in perspective negates the negative thought process that generally ensues if I do not win. This has helped me focus on what I have learned and build on that.

In the case of Peanut and Butternutsquash, I really enjoyed how the project challenged me to create a story using only four panels. As a result, I will be adding a new section to my website – comic, where I will continue to explore the characters in comic form, 2D, 3D and real life form. Watch this space.Youtube-Icon-50px-50px